A simple hack that attempts to tackle one of America's biggest challenges – obesity.

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cykill is a simple hack that attempts to tackle one of America's biggest challenges – obesity. cykill leverages the excessive gaming habits of its users to help them realize aspirations of weight loss.

The only way the gaming console will power on, is if you ride the bike. Fail to pedal fast enough and cykill will kill the power. ☢ Possibilities of hard drive corruption ☢

The project is open source and easy for anyone to make at home! Everything you need can be found on the website: images, video, parts list, circuit diagram, and code.



Over the last three years I have gained an astonishing 40lbs (18kg) as a result of ZERO fitness in my life. I dislike everything about gyms – the time wasted, the monthly bill, and the obnoxious muscle men. The gym is just not an elegant solution to weight loss (in my opinion). But somehow, I need to loose this weight.

Back when I was in undergrad (about 6 years ago) I was gaming excessively, to the point where it was having a negative impact on my grades, social life, and general trajectory in life. I was forced to stop gaming at that point in order to focus on a career.

I believe cykill has struck a balance between my addiction and aspiration. Initially, this was a self-serving invention, never intended to be shared online. But then I realized, there are MILLIONS of Americans who are challenged with excessive gaming and weight gain – many of them kids and teens.

I am not sure cykill is the answer to obesity in America, but given that the scientific community has come up with zero elegant solutions at this point in time, I feel it is definitely worth a shot!

I have been using it for two months now with great success. It basically allows you to forget you are even working out, because the focus is on the gaming. It did take some time getting used to maintaining a pace on the bike during moments of intense gameplay. After a big scene in the game you will see the cykill LED meter approaching :( forcing you to pedal like mad in order to stabilize it. What a silly but effective invention this is.

Hype (IDEO dot com) –

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  • 1 × Exersize Bike (only tested with Exerpeutic brand)
  • 1 × Arduino I used an Arduion Uno
  • 1 × Neo Pixel LED circular x16
  • 2 × Neo Pixel LED bar x8
  • 2 × Toggle Switch

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    Step 1

    → Build the circuit as seen on website.

    → Find the two cables that run from the exercise bike to the bike interface. Cut and strip them. Connect them to the two bike pin cables in the circuit.

    → Connect your gaming console to the power switch tail.

    → Connect pin 13 and ground to the power switch tail, as shown in the circuit diagram.

    → Turn on the Arduino with the small toggle switch. Dial the workout (intensity and duration settings can easily be changed in the code). Once you flip the switch to start the workout you can then power on your gaming console.

    → When the workout ends you have 2 minutes to dial a new workout or turn off the console. After 2 minutes, cykill will kill the power.

    → Test! Test! Test!

    → If you want to eliminate temptation, or are building this for a friend/child, you can super glue the power cables to the gaming console and power switch tail.

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