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A new digital dash to replace the slow inaccurate one on my cheap Chinese bike

mangus-tiranusMangus Tiranus 04/17/2017 at 14:160 Comments

Apologies for not keeping people more updated, but as some of you know Ive had some upheavals at home which have made it difficult for me to work on my project as much as I would like… And post updates even less.

While changes to hardware is near impossible at the moment I have used the time I had to do a lot of software work. Ill try and bullet point these changes…

• Corrected fuel gauge and volt meter graphics to match the input data.
• Reworked the menu list changing options available
• Fixed the preview led colours in the colour menu
• Heavily reworked the colour picker menu
• Made the display talk to the MCU and programmed in the menu navigation
• To do this I had to implement a mixture of Nextion library use and Serial talking
• Ive done a lot of recoding of the LED update functions. Including reworking the peak lag spot animations and menu interactive animations.
• You can change colours for the LEDS through the menu system, though currently this doesn’t save, so when power is cut off it returns to the default settings.
• Fixed RPM calculation functions now accurately detects RPM through millisecond readings(this may be turned into a hardware timer interrupt in the next major hardware version…)
• Built the wizard for setting the high and low fuel level readings. However the hardware needs changing as the current design doesn’t work… even though it should Sad
• And other ‘stuff’ I cant even remember right now……. Lots of tweaking….

Ive also gone through a few different versions of RPM signal filter to try and get a working readable signal. This bit really has been a nightmare esp given my current circumstances making it really hard to RnD this bit.

Though ive managed to get it working. I may still do some changes to the rouge filter I got now. Just to guarantee a cleaner signal, but its working…

I nearly gave up on my project because of this… Whats the use of a speedo dash thing if it cant even read the RPM………….

Once Ive totally locked down the filter design Ill add it into the design of the new main PCB, Ill also upload a schematic of the filter so anyone else can use it if they like… Its only fair as I based my working design off a design someone else made elsewhere…

Ive uploaded a video of the update onto youtube… I talk through some of the updates ive done. I warn you its unscripted, not even got bullet points so theres lots of Umms and Uhhs as I try to think of what I need to say.

I hope you like.