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A new digital dash to replace the slow inaccurate one on my cheap Chinese bike

mangus-tiranusMangus Tiranus 05/02/2017 at 17:390 Comments

Another smallupdate just to show the new LED Array design. This version does away of the 40 ws2811 chips in favour of 5 TLC5947's. This does how ever mean I have to do some hefty rewriting of code to work with the new chips. I dont want to totally rewrite my led code, but I will have to rewrite the adafruit library to work nicely with my current functions...

Anyway heres a little render

Im nearly ready to send these new boards off to a fab house to print for me... But I want to do some further research to make sure every things right...

Im not entirely comfortable with the tracks out of the TLC5947s being only .3mm, while all the real energy is send out the LEDs, Im still worried the .3mm might be too little for the grounding off the LEDs... Maybe I got my understanding of electronics totally mixed up :D