PooMBA : Autonomous Paddock and Arena Groomer

Robot poop scooper

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Had enough of manually scooping poop into a wheelbarrow, moving it to a storage area and dumping? I sure have. Why not automate?

Pull-type horse paddock, race track and arena groomers have been used for years. A similar system has been used for removing goose droppings and debris from golf courses. The common denominator here is poop. Nobody likes poop. Nobody likes handling poop. Nobody likes smelling poop.

Schedule autonomous cleaning and grooming based on usage and use geofencing to define area to be cleaned. Predefine dumping or spreading areas.

Begin with an autonomously controlled zero-turn style electric chassis. Add closely spaced tines that lift manure into a storage bin. Strap on a grooming apparatus of your choice, whether you prefer lines or scattered look. Auger or conveyor belt the manure out when unit reaches the designated dumping spot. Easy peasy...

My experience with robotics, GPS controlled navigation and farm machinery will coalesce into getting me out of manually scooping and dumping horse manure. Every day.

This system could be modified for use on golf courses as well.

  • Suitable arena or paddock media

    ken.do2 days ago 0 comments

    For this system to work reliably, the arena, paddock (or golf course) will need to be relatively flat. The surface material of a horse arena/paddock will need to be of a uniform granular consistency with individual grains being no larger than one tenth the size of the smallest dropping to be picked up. This will allow for easy sorting on the pickup conveyor or in the transfer bin.

    Sand comes to mind first and foremost. Inexpensive, self binding and uniform particle size make this an excellent choice of surface media.

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