How are the goals going?

A project log for LayerOne 2017

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charliexcharliex 01/23/2017 at 20:190 Comments

Revisiting the goals from the project overview... what does past me think future me is doing.

yep made that one, it's DMA SPI and it might change to a different LCD, but fingers crossed

Moved to an LQFP64, board supports the 446 and 415/405 variants.

Yes, currently using SPI since apparently i forgot to read my own notes, next proto rev is SDIO

Twin CAN yes, switched to the TI SN65VHD since works better with 3.3V/5V etc, though watch out for autobaud in the 235.

Dropped OTG due to limited pin space, has USB Device, supports CDC, HID etc (firmwares in SVN)

Dropped OTG, has USB host

We haven't decided yet, i'd prefer a SIL 2.54mm IDC to OBD II, also considering magnetics less RJ45 connector (board space)

Yes, though i really ought to test it :)

Yes, offboard audio due to requests ;) via 3.5mm headphone jack and not bluetooth.

Yes, Li-Ion battery with USB charging.

Has 6 at the moment, PWR on , PWR reset, CPU RESET, two Soft switches and master PWR switch


Partially done.

So far i have about 75+ of the knock off ST-Links trying to order them in batches that the cost doesn't show up to the wife :) and I hope to have 200-400 by layerOne, maybe even have a disk loader but i disagree with some people, though i think disk enabled firmware loading is teh awesome and the way the ST Nucleo does it is the best, but I want to be able to do a full flash and debug, since it is a board for hackers. Adding an ST Link onto the board would have increased costs more than it costs to get the ST Link clones, and you can use it for other boards.

A kind soul (devanl) on reddit pointed to me to alternate firmware for the ST Link so have to investigate that.

> We may add PSRAM to the board, possibly as a DNP not populated

No on the PSRAM, we almost did but after a switch to LQFP64 no support and supporting the 405/415 hopefully will be enough.

Software wise I have a very simple PC based ECU emulator, I've tested reflashing some of my bench ECUs from the badge and that works great, the CAN logger works with the LCD and output to USB HID or CDC, reading OBD II codes, firmware ID etc that is all working too.

MITM i will look at this week (second board+second CAN testing) my plan is to flash an ECU from the badge, pass that CAN into a second BADGE and have it intercept the messages and replace the uploaded firmware from the first badge, which would also work with any other CAN bus based reflash tool that you know a protocol for.