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A project log for LayerOne 2017

Badge design for 2017 conference

charliexcharliex 03/02/2017 at 05:220 Comments

We just submitted whats hopefully the last revision of the conference badge version, more time laying it out, new shape and removing anything we didn't really need. This revisions files are stored inside the "seven" folder in SVN, they'll be here a week on Monday is my guess.

A small box of misc 18650s arrived marked as 6000mAh, hopefully not missing a decimal point

Now all i have to do is source the screens.........and write a lot more code.. I did start to tidy up and translate a lot of my old code, i won't lie it'll take me a while to clean it, up but i'll upload it anyway and just try to clean it up as i go a long, this will be a longer term project.

After testing, we'll build a PNP plan, cut stencils etc, buy all the components etc.

I remember in October/November when i was thinking, damn we'll be done by xmas...,.

Wolfram Alpha data bin thing turned out to be a flop, it's down every time i go to use it, and it doesn't seem to analyse it well. Maybe i'll go back to google sheets for logging.