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Assistive input device for interacting with adapted toys and tools.

christopherChristopher 05/16/2018 at 04:570 Comments

It's been a little over half a year since my last progress here. I wish I hadn't taken this break from my hobbies, but at the end of last year a good friend of mine went into a coma and then passed away. It's been a struggle to just go through the motions for a while. 

I'm back now though. Hopefully we'll get Clunke sorted and to a usable state soon.

Finally got around to donating the HaD prize money from last year (should have just done it immediately, I know):

Printing PET-G is still holding me up, so I'm going back to PLA for now, and have ordered a new, nicer 3D Printer that should arrive later this summer. I'll try printing PET-G again on it. In the mean time, I've started printing parts from the Low Cost AT Kit to offer, as well as begun making a test run of LipSyncs. I've followed Neil Squire's email list for a time now and am a huge fan of what they're doing with the MakersMakingChange project, so it's exciting to be making some items from their catalog.

LipSync Printed Parts
LipSync printed parts
AT Kit
AT kit printed parts

I think that's it for now. I haven't worked up the nerve to try getting back in contact with UCP, but I'll try to send them an email sometime soon.