First LipSync Working

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Assistive input device for interacting with adapted toys and tools.

christopherChristopher 07/19/2018 at 17:300 Comments

I've been slowly working through the BOM for LipSync and gathering parts. Once enough items had arrived, I started putting together the first PCB. And just this week I was able to plug the LipSync into my laptop and control the mouse with it. It works!

The overall quality of LipSync -- from BOM to build documentation, to the design itself -- is superb. Very rarely do I encounter things that are as obviously well crafted with so much attention to detail. I'm excited to begin working on the other two (I bought parts enough for a set of three), but unfortunately there's been a snag with distributing them. It looks like my point of contact at the local UCP branch has moved, so I'm in a holding pattern until I find someone new who can help me pair AT devices with people who can make use of them.

Unfortunately that same absence means I also don't have anyone to give me direction in the long-delayed revision of Clunke. I'm going to do what I can on my own to keep moving things forward, but sooner or later I really want to be back to collaborating with others.