PET-G Tuning

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christopherChristopher 10/09/2017 at 15:450 Comments

Printing with PETG is turning out to be pretty difficult. Every time I think things are tuned, something new goes out of whack and I'm back to square one.

Right now prints are barely holding adhesion to the printbite bed surface, and I'm fighting weak layer binding as well. It looks like a new fan shroud might be in order, since too much cooling can cause both of the current symptoms.

An important note here is that I've caused myself some unnecessary heartburn by changing multiple variables at once. I installed Printbite on the build plate just a few days after I switched to printing with PETG, which makes evaluations of how well Printbite is working and context against the previous surface difficult to get. Granted, I made the sudden switch because initial PETG prints on the older surface were going poorly, but I didn't give it enough time to know whether or not that was because of poor tuning or just incompatibility.