three boards built

A project log for BMI160+BMM150 DIP8 breakout

A tiny breakout board with the latest BST sensors

helgehelge 08/25/2016 at 09:581 Comment

some boards have been built and sent to friends to play around with.

Depending on who makes your PCBs, the NSMD (non-solder-mask defined) lands for the staggered BGA package will or will not work. for NSMD you'd usually have more stopmask recess around the pads. Since these boards are really cheap to make I ordered a lot of them and graded them under a microscope.

If your PCB manufacturer uses a maskless process, chances may be better that the lands are well-defined.


helge wrote 08/25/2016 at 10:00 point

Regarding stencils: I just tinned the pads to make sure they are all wetted, then tacked and positioned the BMM150 with flux paste and reflowed with hot air straight down.

BMI160 soldering done the same way but with a squeeze with the tweezers. Reflows just like QFN but lacks the toe fillet.

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