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The Simplest Way To Start Playing With A Fascinating New Low-Power Screen!

jareklupinskijareklupinski 08/31/2016 at 00:502 Comments

I finished writing a few helper functions that should get you up and running with the Epaper display shield. It can be easily integrated into a larger graphics library like Adafruit's GFX for more intensive work. They're uploaded above in the Files tab. Good luck!


dhannie wrote 09/03/2016 at 04:15 point

do they have 12 or 13" display? how much would it cost?

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jareklupinski wrote 09/03/2016 at 05:02 point

i usually search ebay or aliexpress for checking out the latest prices. I couldnt find specifically those sizes but maybe there's something close here:

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