Adding NFC

A project log for TNS 1i

The idea is to create an accesible prosthetic hand that is commercially available in Colombia and doesn't use the classic string system.

Giovanni LealGiovanni Leal 09/22/2016 at 20:490 Comments

Assembling the hand we thought about how do we keep track which is which. Normally on our products we put an ID as a code bar or something alike but no one would like to have a code bar on herself or himself. So how do we keep track on what hand did we make and added to our inventory. We had a library as a client that used NFC tags to identify theirs books and think about it, the user can also use all the other good things about NFC tags.

We search about it and we weren't the first that thought about it but it always is an after market modification (love it) but we could put it on the hand and let the user decide whats good for.

Turns out that on the contrary of normal carbon fiber that acts like a Faraday cage, when your see an iPhone case made from CF trust me is a terrible idea. The product from ProtoPasta lets the waves go trough so its an added benefit from the material.

We are using the Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino to read

the tags and it works great, it's pretty straight forward to use.

We are using this tags.

aaaand they work... however we tried to use it on our cellphones and it didn't. We didn't read the fine print on the product page where they clearly said that if we wanted one that does we should use these, that we will.

They look easier to implement and we have to change the design because of the housing of the tag will be different, as you see on the next picture.