A project log for Raksh:The 25$ earworn child pneumonia monitor

Raksh, named after the Sanskrit word “safeguard,” is a low cost (25$) bluetooth-based, ear-worn multi-parameter monitoring platform.

Vignesh RavichandranVignesh Ravichandran 08/28/2016 at 03:580 Comments

I grew up in the era of the IT boom in India. This gave us access to a wide range of information and opened our eyes to the many problems faced by kids our age in rural parts of India. I learnt that technology has an innate property for making lives better.

I chanced to one day read the WHO study on mortality of children below the age of 5 and was learnt that Pneumonia was the largest cause of death.
The mortality caused by pneumonia primarily affected developing countries like India, Nigeria and the lack of inexpensive adequate diagnosis tools for healthcare workers reduced the amount aid provided to these children.
I then began doing some research on a low cost wearable multiparameter monitor to diagnose and track pneumonia in children.

Design Sketch: