Scientific test with i1 Pro2 Confirmed

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Thomas Chanon WangtriratThomas Chanon Wangtrirat 01/08/2016 at 23:000 Comments

Hey guy! I have just bring my monitor to testing with Spectrometer x-Rite i1 Pro2. This is not the best for display calibration but better than nothing. Also I tear off Anti-Glare coating on the screen to reveal crystal clear surface of LCD panel but A-TW still remain on it.

Prove it!!!! used Canon Camera with Magic Lantern and Vectorscope function can measure white point for the display (maybe it's RGB sensor too!)

IT'S NEARLY BANG ON X:0.313 Y:0.329 but however I fine-tuned it with i1 to make sure it's accurate.

Unfortunately I have some work to do later this.

The RGB-LED Chip which I use are 5050 PLCC RGB-LED and It's off-scale on blue wavelength a bit. Red and Green is excellent. Maybe I have to find one to match my criteria because CIE D65 blue primary have to be at least 470nm to accurately render BLUE primary matched with most W-LED and other display standards. As shown here in CIE 1931 plot.

Which when compare in contrast with Samsung XL24 which also used RGB-LED. Fantastic monitor. You can see all primary of my monitor have to be improve to get more accurate spectral distribution.

Nevertheless, I have to purchase OSRAM Ceramos MultiLED which used on Dolby PRM-4220 Reference monitor. So I can have more pure color primaries. Stay tunes.