V1.1 of the hardware done... software progresses

A project log for Neopixel pocket watch

Neopixel Pocket watch

Joshua SnyderJoshua Snyder 09/01/2016 at 02:160 Comments

1.0 of the hardware finally assembled last week. Fit all major components in the watch, made "permanent" connections with superglue. this makes a much more tactile prototype that can really refine the UX of the piece.

1.1 added a micro switch for powering the unit off by disconnecting the lipo battery, and while I was in the case adding that small circuit board, I also added a charging pigtail so that I don't need to disassemble the watch to charge the little lipo battery inside. This allows the project to finally be portable, as the dev board for the project is a bit hard to pocket from place to place.

1.2 of the hardware will augment the center button with a micro smd button that will be actuated by the plunger on the watch casing. Depending on real world use, I may remove the center button at that time.

the current state of the software includes fading on and off of the display, and slightly more robust NNTP time re-requesting. Also I am currently leaving the wifi ON and connected so that I can use my web interface to get data from the watch without a serial connection.