Creating a finished wall clock part 1

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Neopixel Pocket watch

Joshua SnyderJoshua Snyder 11/15/2016 at 19:340 Comments

"Shopping" the house for scraps and bits to "finish" a wall clock version of the neo-pixel watch yields a brass ring the right size for the 60 pixel ring, and some wood circle blanks.

using the Dremel circle routing/cutting jig, created channels for both the 60 and 24 pixel rings as well as a small lip to hold the brass ring. And with the router, I created space on the back for wires and ESP8266

Printed a basic clock face and cut it out as a defuser.

then I stumbled upon some great projects for other net-pixel wall clocks, including the Light clock. as I was just about to assemble a working version of hardware and software, I decided to try the Light clocks software to see what it looks like. now my clock face is a bit different as I will be using the center ring for hour and the outer ring for min and sec. but if I disconnect the center ring it looks great with the light clock software. there may be some ideas I may learn from in there. (who am I kidding, theres lots to learn in there!)