Brushless Gimbal with Optically Clear Dome and other 3D printed goodies

A project log for Project ICARUS 3.0: Solar Anti-Poaching UAS

Internet Connected Aerial Renewable Unmanned System Fully 3D printed

tlankford01tlankford01 03/01/2015 at 22:490 Comments

This is the brushless gimbal designed for the LOKI sensor system. We are able to integrate most board cameras up to 150 grams inside this gimbal. With a 90 gram camera, The two axis gimbal is only 170 grams. It stays perfectly stable no matter how extreme the tilt and roll axis are affected by wind or other forces. The gimbal with everything is less than 3.5 inches in diameter. It works well withing an inexpensive and easily replaceable 4 inch clear dome. We are able to use high end camera modules for thermal, multispectral, and visible light images and video. All camera modules are digitally connected and the plane of course communicates through a long range mesh network or GSM module. This provides a live encrypted link.

The next few images are for the prototype of the Universal Launch Key Plate. I am calling it a coffin key because of the shape. The great thing about the shape is that it locks the plane on the launcher. It will easily slide out of the launcher with forward momentum. The best part of the key is that it will support the plane laterally so as not to have to have additional support for the wings. This lets the launcher and carriage be more compact and easier to break down and transport. Also there are not lateral supports to get in the way of a t-tail or v-tail.