The Nuka Cola PC case came about as I was looking to build a Fallout 4 themed case for Quakecon 2016. I came upon a model for a Nuka Cola Vending Machine on Thingiverse.

I did a lot of work in TinkerCAD figuring out the scale with my existing mini-ITX form factor PC parts. I sliced it up into 3D printable sections. I decided that laser cutting the mid and back panels with acylic would let me account for mounting holes for components quicker than entirely 3D printing the case.

Once finalized, I was able to take the STL's and break them up into smaller printable pieces that could be glued together.

I printed the parts on a PolyPrinter 508. It's a large fast ABS printer made locally.

I used netfabb to slice the main files into printable pieces.

After printing all the parts, I glued the parts together with CA glue and clamped them to make sure it didn't have many gaps.

I designed tabs with 4mm holes to press in brass M3 threaded inserts to screw in the acrylic panels. I then did several test cuts to make sure the holes were aligned.

The front panel completed:

I designed the detail of the icebox part to fit two 80mm fans to provide cross-flow cooling for the PC. I wanted to make the detail as close to the original game file's texture map as well as realistically scaled wire shelves.

I had didn't use hardener with my bondo which made a mess. I ended up scraping it off, then sanding the entire thing with 180grit sand paper to smooth it down. I used Tamiya modeling putty to fill in the gaps and some of the 3D printing artifacts.

Used automotive primer to prime it for it's base coats.