Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi 3
4 × USB extension cables I used 4in ones to save space, but it limited where I could put the Pi
1 × Micro SD Card
1 × Raspberry Pi composite video cable Colors on the cable may not match Pi pinout, check before permanently attaching
1 × Screw mount HDMI extension 18" cable to move the Pi's HDMI connection to the back of the TV case
1 × SPST push button toggle switch I got one with an integrated LED to indicate power
1 × Assorted wire
1 × Replacement AC receptacle Provides an internal AC outlet so USB adapter can be easily changed
1 × 2A USB charger
1 × Micro USB cable Power for the Pi
1 × Raspberry Pi case
1 × Red Sugru Sugru is a type of silicone that was used for the front USB ports