A low cost portable PiZero based 360 camera.

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This is an in-dev hopefully easy to build open source and hardware Rapsberry Pi Zero based 360 camera.

This project just started and I'm currently working on the volumic approach of the camera's design.

I hope that publishing my project will help me to finish it. I let way to many prototypes halfway built.

The first idea was to associate the 3 fisheye cameras on a triangle. I (in a first time) don't really care about the zenith and nadir acquisition.

I'm trying to figure out how to place all the components without having to create custom PCB and make it as small and portable as possible.

Next steps are:

  1. Ongoing : Mecanichal design
  2. Battery management system and electronics diagram
  3. RPi master and slave programs:
    1. Oled screen
    2. Buttons and statuts leds
    3. OTG
    4. External SD storage
    5. (Eventually) Wifi connectivity
  4. Assembly and test

  • 1 × 18650 battery
  • 1 × 3D printed case
  • 3 × Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3
  • 3 × Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • 1 × USB 2.0 4 port hub

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  • Global shape study

    taposk08/31/2016 at 22:57 0 comments

    This project just started and I'm currently working on the volumic approach of the camera's design.

    The first idea was to associate the 3 cameras on a triangle, with each RPi right under, for the ribbon's sake. The battery would be placed in the middle and the Rpi around. Once printed, this shape quickly appeared way to large for any hand. So I had to think again from scratch.

    I was inspired by a DSLR hand grip when designing the second and current model. It's easier to hold, I'm just worried about the camera ribbons' path. I'll try to print this new design to check everything soon.

    This shape fits nice in hand. I gotta thing about a cap to protect the fragile camera modules.

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Jacob David C Cunningham wrote 02/20/2023 at 04:43 point

opencv has a built in stitcher too (although not sure if it can do 360)

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R.heikens wrote 02/13/2017 at 19:06 point


With picamera python lib, you can stream to network to other server.

This server can have more power to stich.

Facebook has opensource software to stich

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xavier wrote 11/19/2016 at 09:08 point

Hi !

I am planning on doing a similar project (not for VR or spherical images but with several pis and cameras), did you tackle how to share storage between pis zero without having a network setup ?

I thought of wiring every USB ports from the pis to an usb hub, and plug in several USB keys. To access data, one should only have to power down the pis and power on the USB hub.
There might be a more elegant solution to that issue.

To take the pictures, do you plan on using a unique switch plugged into the gpios from every pi ?

I hope you made progress and had success on your project !

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