Global shape study

A project log for PiZeroVR

A low cost portable PiZero based 360 camera.

taposktaposk 08/31/2016 at 22:570 Comments

This project just started and I'm currently working on the volumic approach of the camera's design.

The first idea was to associate the 3 cameras on a triangle, with each RPi right under, for the ribbon's sake. The battery would be placed in the middle and the Rpi around. Once printed, this shape quickly appeared way to large for any hand. So I had to think again from scratch.

I was inspired by a DSLR hand grip when designing the second and current model. It's easier to hold, I'm just worried about the camera ribbons' path. I'll try to print this new design to check everything soon.

This shape fits nice in hand. I gotta thing about a cap to protect the fragile camera modules.