A project log for Custom Articulated Joint

I'm building a robot which requires small, articulated joints. Unfortunately I couldn't buy any, so I made my own.

tim-wilkinsonTim Wilkinson 09/06/2016 at 00:230 Comments

For testing purposes, I have my control PCB wired up to a set of pin headers on a scrap of protoboard. With the final joint, these pcbs need to have minimal wiring, but still be programmable. I usually use a Tag Connect for such things, but in they case I don't have space even for its small footprint, so I had to build a custom jig.

The photo above shows the completed jig. It was 3d printed so it matches the board connections perfectly, and then I used epoxied pogo pins to provide the electrical connection. All the programming pins are then attached to a standard AVR 6-pin ISP connector.

The jig design can be found here: