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A project log for Custom Articulated Joint

I'm building a robot which requires small, articulated joints. Unfortunately I couldn't buy any, so I made my own.

tim-wilkinsonTim Wilkinson 09/11/2016 at 04:220 Comments

I continue to iterate on the joint design. One of the joys - possibly problems - with a 3D printer is how easy it is to experiment with a new design. This one moves the fulcrum closer to the top of the worm gear, reducing the high of the joint by 20% compared to the pervious version. I'm trying to make things compact so this is important to me. The joint in operation is here:

I continue to be worried about the links between the rod, link and pivot. These are snap-fit "chain" like fittings. The FormLabs white resin version 1 was quite flexible which enabled these parts to be pushed together without any being deformed. This is less so of their version 2 resin and I'm not completely happy with the mechanically sound-ness of these as a result.