morgan01/21/2015 at 21:30 1 comment

    I've finally cleared some time and have been really motivated to get this project moving along lately. Yesterday I printed a bracket for one of the motors with the hope of starting to work out some of the hardware while getting the PS in order. I'd did though accidentally print a NEMA17 instead of a NEMA23. Derp.

    Regardless of this minor setback I decided to get started on the PS today and with only about 30 minutes in I have 24v out! The instructions posted in the links were a perfect explanation on what needs to be done. Only difference I noticed was I didn't need a resistor across pins 14/15 but rather just bridging worked.

    While this is showing the highest output of ~24v that will be used for the motors, I also get 5v (for running the micro) and 12v (not sure if I'll use) from the first supply in the chain. And the second supply gives a not very useful 17v on the original 5v line.

    Next step will be building up a case for this and printing the correct mounting brackets. I'll also be waiting on several parts. So far I need at least the 7W2 connectors for the Animatics motors and shaft connectors.

  • PSU Design

    morgan02/19/2014 at 23:15 1 comment

    Added link to the PSU design I will be implementing. Basically chaining ​the two ATX power supplies I already have together to get 24v @ some beefy amps. I read before I should be able to get upwards to 21A but cannot find that resource.