Micro Font and other small things

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Joshua SnyderJoshua Snyder 11/14/2016 at 15:130 Comments

in an effort to convey as much information on the small number of pixels available, I had designed a small number bitmap set, I have since expanded this into a full alphabet (Ascii 32 - 126)

this font is proportionately spaced, and as narrow as possible and only 6 pixels high with descenders. the bitmap table is under 256 bytes with a offset and width table taking up another 180 . these tables could be eliminated, but I want fast as possible performance without having to create a table in RAM.

Also have a working Tetris and Brick-Out now, and human control is working on 3 of 4 games.

Time from an ESP8266 is working, as is weather, but displaying the weather forecast without the micro font was not practical.