• Biosignal DAQ v1.0 finished!

    Daniel Slåttnes05/09/2018 at 11:41 0 comments

    The Biosignal DAQ files are now uploaded here and at Github. The DAQ is designed by Dewald De Bruyn and have a MIT license.

  • Pcb sent to printing

    Daniel Slåttnes05/03/2018 at 00:13 0 comments

    The Biosignal DAQ is finally sent to pcb printing. Many thanks to Dewald de Druyn!

  • Signal acquisition and treatment

    Daniel Slåttnes05/01/2018 at 11:55 0 comments

    First draft of the plant sensor. Hopefully it will be sent to pcb printing tonight. It still needs a current regulator and a dac. The circuit design is done by Dewald De Bruyn and is based on the Plant Spikerbox.

    Thomas Paniagua have done some clustering with the 1000 data points on my gist. In summary what he did right now is extracted 3000 useful features from the data I gave him and used a visualization algorithm to figure out whether there were meaningful clusters in the data. According to him it turns out there are... and they are very clear. In the attached image you can see a few clusters after he have processed the data, where each region of clusters can be assigned to a plant action.

  • Professional help <3

    Daniel Slåttnes04/29/2018 at 22:27 0 comments

    At the moment a researcher at North Carolina State University is looking into how to interpret the sensor data from the houseplant. His current research deals with this kind of time series data, specifically a Convolutional Autoencoder for working with unlabeled human physiological data which he believes can be applied to plants.

    I have also engaged an electrical engineer to improve the data acquisition. I will publish the schematic for this as soon as it is done.