Concept test for controller on STM8

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rigtigRigTig 02/27/2017 at 22:341 Comment

Sometimes smaller is better. Thanks @Thomas for eForth on STM8. I've added the files to this project where I have tested the concept of using STM8 running eForth to be the controller for the RB3DP. The forward and reverse kinematics routines are tested, and a few GCODE commands are implemented. Stubs are used for actual actions, with text echo of internal commands.

Based on this test, RB3DP will accept GCODE in millimeters and have a maximum size of about 60 meters (the 16-bit integer maths maxes out at 65.535 meters).

Now to put it all together on ESP14 (which is STM8 with ESP8266).


RigTig wrote 02/28/2017 at 22:15 point

Oops. Forgot to handle unused part of line being read. Updated GEV to consume and throw away unread comments at ends of lines. 

: GEV ( -- )
  0 PARSE 2DROP ; \ bypass rest of the line

Now the code has read and processed a GCODE file of over 1MB created by Cura, just bypassing anything that is does not know how to handle (i.e. handles G1 and G0 lines and ignores the rest!!) @Thomas FYI

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