Building the Electronics

A project log for WiSci: Wireless Spectrometer

Portable Wireless Spectrometer that lets you explore the world around you.

Akshat WahiAkshat Wahi 09/28/2016 at 09:470 Comments

We wanted the device to be easily replicated by people and extend its capabilities and so in that effort we have build it using easily available modules. The list of materials is available in the components section.

All required components

Connections of all these modules can be found in the circuit diagram attached below.

The modules used have all their PCB design files easily available for someone who wants to build a single PCB board that houses all the components used in the device. This can easily be done by someone with skills of PCB designing and fabrication. It is totally optional and not at all required for building and testing the device. Complete build instructions will be updated soon.