Smartphones are becoming a staple piece of technology for many citizens in North America and around the World. Smartphones and touchscreen devices enable users to navigate around their city better, to communicate with others more freely, and to operate applications which can promote happy and productive lives. Currently, there exist a limited number of practical devices for people with limited hand function such as quadriplegics to use touchscreen devices - this is where we step in.

The LipSync is a mouth-operated alternative input device that enables people with limited hand function to use smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is primarily intended to be a low-cost, portable option for enabling access to devices with a touchscreen. The device is operated by moving the mouthpiece joystick with the lips or teeth and  Moving the mouthpiece joystick with the lips or teeth will move a mouse cursor and applying sips or puffs on the mouthpiece straw will input a left click, right click, or tap.


The Lipsync will work with any device including desktop and laptop computers that support mice through a universal serial bus (USB) or a Bluetooth connection. Specifically, the LipSync is compatible with smartphones (Android 4.0+, iOS 13+, Windows), tablets (Android 4.0+, iOS 13+, Windows) and computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux). There are now several versions available:

The LipSync Switch Input Module can be used to modify one of the above versions so that a user can use switches instead of sip and puff. This can be a useful option for those unable to form their lips around mouthpiece or apply the positive / negative pressure to generate sips and puffs.  The Switch Input module enables two assistive switches to be connected via 3.5 mm jacks to use the sip and puff functions.


The LipSync is an open-source hardware project where all of the 3D printer files, component lists and microcontroller code are public. In the spirit of accessibility, the housing can be 3D printed, the electronic components are readily available, and the assembly is as straightforward as possible.

There are a couple of options to obtain a LipSync:

1. You are free to download the files and build a LipSync for yourself or someone you know. 

2. You can submit a build request through the Makers Making Change website. In this case, we'll try to pair you with a volunteer maker to complete the build, and you will reimburse them for the cost of materials. 



If you want more information on the LipSync, track our development closer or work with us in creating (or getting) a LipSync, please connect with us. You can find more information on our website: https://www.makersmakingchange.com/project/lipsync/

This is an open source hardware project and adheres to the Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Statement of Principle 1.0 and Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Definition 1.0 found at [http://www.oshwa.org]

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