AT Makers' Fair

A project log for LipSync

An assistive tech which allows quadriplegics to use touchscreen mobile devices using a mouth-operated joystick with sip and puff controls

makers-making-changeMakers Making Change 09/12/2018 at 22:030 Comments

On September 29th, Makers Making Change will be in Concord, NH for the AT Makers’ Fair. This AT-dedicated fair brings together makers of all abilities to share ideas, develop new skills, and enhance innovations for people with disabilities.

The fair will feature talks by AT maker movement leaders, hands-on workshops, an AT Invention contest, a Make AT Café makerspace, and more.

Makers working on toy adaptations

The Make AT Café is a particularly cool space. Participants can make and take home a variety of AT devices using various plastics, wire, specialty tapes, and basic hand tools. Many of the devices address specific challenges; these include low vision devices, holding and gripping devices, toy adaptations, communication access devices, and more.

In addition, Chad Leaman, Director of Innovation, will be facilitating a workshop called Connecting to Makers and Quality Open AT Projects. The workshop will explore a range of freely available open-source assistive devices and resources, as well as community groups that can help in designing and making assistive devices.

Register now for the AT Makers’ Fair. The deadline is September 14th. We look forward to seeing you there!