My 1942 Dodge was missing a few grommets for the wires and other cables so I made this grommet to fit the standard holes

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Three hole grommet to fit 31mm steel hole. Uses standard 13mm vacuum hose to provide rubber insulation and ABS structure to hold them in place.

I like to design parts that work straight off the printer bed. This part is no exception. 

It needed to stop wires running into the engine bay from contacting and wearing against the metal surfaces found in the engine bay. It also needed to use simple easy to obtain rubber extrusions as I wanted to keep the costs to a minimum. I like the way that rubber and plastic glands are able to hold the wires in place with their screw and rubber fitting I wanted to be able to have the same thing in my grommet. I designed it so that one cable tie  could be used to hold all the cables and rubber fittings in place, once they had been run through the grommet (no need for screw fitting to be integrated into this design when I can use a cable tie). I also wanted more than one wire, hose or cable to be able to go through this hole as it was quite large (a waste of space for only one cable) and glands only allow one of these to go through each hole and I didn't want to cut any more holes through the fire wall. 

Wire plug V2 31MM.stl

STL file for printing

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 55.01 kB - 04/14/2018 at 01:53


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    Printing instructions

    Use ABS PLA will melt in most automotive situations.

    No rafts or supports needed. 50% fill. 3 perimeters for top bottom and sides. Very little cleanup needed. 

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Andy wrote 04/24/2018 at 08:27 point

Friction, but at the back, room was made so that a 5mm cable tie could be used to firmly hold the pipes, cables and housing, firmly in place.

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Mike Szczys wrote 04/24/2018 at 14:59 point

Oh right, I see the groove in the back on the render now. Neat!

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Mike Szczys wrote 04/19/2018 at 18:54 point

Nice design! Looks like it worked out great too. Did you glue the vacuum hose in place or is that a friction fit?

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