Quantity   Component name
1 × Open Rocket This is rocket simulation software and was essential in estimating the size of the rocket.
1 × NC-80, Nose Cone Nose Cone
1 × BT-80, Body Tube Body Tube
1 × Arduino Nano Used as micro controller for the rocket. (we used the UNO on flight day)
1 × HC-06 Bluetooth Module
1 × Micro SD Card Reader Gaoxing Tech. 5 PCS Micro SD Storage Board Mciro SD TF Card Memory Shield Module SPI For Arduino
1 × Pressure Sensor BMP180 3pcs GY-68 300-1100hPa BMP180 BOSCH Temperature Module Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Instead Of BMP085 High Precision Low Energy Consumption Temperature Output 8-Pin LCC I2C Interface Lead Free
1 × 3mm Plywood Model Specific plywood. Stored inside to prevent warping.
1 × CESARONI 29MM RELOADABLE MOTOR STARTER SET Rules for UKSEDS competition stated a maximum size of 2 grain, 29mm Cesaroni rocket.
1 × Cesaroni 29MM Motors 3 x 29mm 'White' Motors