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As parents we live in a society today that can be extremely scary. We want our children to feel secure and safe. The KID SOS system is composed of two devices, a parent and child unit, which can be used as an aid to keeping our children safe. When worn, the kid sos tracks and alerts parents if their child is taken or lost. It is designed to be discrete and stay attached to even the most active children.



As parents, we live in a society today that can be extremely scary. We want our children to feel secure and safe. The KID SOS system can be used as another safety tool for parents. Composed of two devices, a parent and child unit, the KID SOS will alert the parent of their wandering child, in addition to tracking the location of their child. The KID SOS is designed to be discrete and stay attached to even the most active children.

Project Overview:


KID SOS alerts then tracks. It works by measuring the distance between the two units. For this project the distance was set to 30 feet. When the two units are greater than 30 feet away from each other, the parent unit sends an alert, Alert 1, to a connected smartphone, and a text message which reads, “Heads up, child unit has wandered, starting 30 second countdown…(Countdown from 30 seconds appears here in text message)”.

This will be followed by an alarm noise emitted by the parent unit. If after 30 seconds the Parent and Child units are still greater than 30 feet from each other, a second text message is sent to the smartphone. The second alert, Alert 2, message reads, “Countdown complete. Most recent location of child is (GPS Latitude and Longitude, and distance apart in feet displayed here in text message)”.

At this point the buzzer on the Parent unit will turn off, and Alert 2 updates will continue to be sent out every 30 seconds. To save the cost of a cell phone bill, this information is being sent between the units through the RF modules, and then from the Parent unit to the smartphone over bluetooth.

If there is no GPS fix, the RF modules are used to determine the distance between the two units (see equations below). If the RF modules are unable to connect, the child unit has a built in GSM module with an activated sim card. I chose Ting because there is no monthly charge, and pay as you go seemed like the best way to go for this project.

If the RF modules cannot connect, the GSM will start sending out Alert 2, to the smartphone it was connected with. Once the two units are brought back within 30 feet, of each other, a third alert, Alert 3, will be sent to the connected smartphone which reads,”Child located, both units have been reset.”

Components List:

Parent Unit:

Child Unit:

Additional Details:

KID SOS Cost Breakdown:










































KID SOS Images/Screenshots:

KID SOS Testing:

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  • Daily Project Logs for week 12 Sept 26 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:14 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 12
    MONThis is the week when burning out is okay, and pushing hard only makes a difference due to all the preparing and planning. Working on more functions from my list today, and fine tuning the existing ones.
    TUEWorked on approximation of production model size, based off of dimensions from TI datasheets. Thank you TI engineers for being so detailed oriented!
    WEDWorking out power requirements, came up with a skin battery concept to offset power draw. Power draw is always a problem with any project it seems. However, this is not a continuously operating device. It has several modules all working independently, that don't need to be on all the time. The GSM for example, is only in use when outside the RF radius, then it only sends a text out once every 60 seconds.
    THUWorking on descriptions for hackaday project template today, and more coding. Updated project log entry for today.
    FRILast project log entry? Working on description and testing today. Worked on more sweat battery computations today, and my project description.

  • Daily Project Logs for week 11 Sept 19 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:13 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 11
    MONFinally succeeded in calculating distance between two gps points today! it's the little things that make the difference, in programming, there are no big things, just a bunch of little ones that add up or don't. In other project log news, I will also be working more on the porject description, planning out the video, and thanking my wife for making my lunch today.
    TUETesting new antenna I built yesterday. Coiled dipole concept I had. Hopefully it will help increase the range for the radio, and later the gps.
    WEDHardware debugging today. Tried to switch to a lower power board, arduino uno r3, to adafruit feather bluefruit u32. Didn't work, pins are weird on the feather. Switching back to uno r3, more soldering.Before undoing what I have done, I have decided to troubleshoot the feather for one day. This way, I won't loose too much time, and I will still benefit by learning something new.
    THUProject log for today. Its Thursday. Also, yesterday I discovered the Adafruit feather is very unreliable, but I learned more about At Commands than I knew the day before, so it was worth it.
    FRIBusy day at work, wasn't able to program during my lunch break as much as I like to. I was able to test GPS from across the room and get an LED to blink when moving GPS out of predetermined radius. That was way more exciting than this project log entry makes it sound! One LED blinking when I told to, is freaking awesome!

  • Daily Project Logs for week 10 Sept 12 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:13 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 10
    MONToday I am focused developing and implementing the different functions, and resoldering some loose wiring. Edited project details on Hackaday site.
    TUEChecking gps distance and testing functions today, soldered SIM module on child unit. Ran out of solder, ordered more.
    WEDWorking on RF today. Worked on sending gps coordinates over packet using RFM69HCW module. Put some time into writing up project description. Wrote this, and the previous sentence, brain shutting down...
    THUBrain back online. More fun with radio packets. I did get the radios to talk to each other. Now trying to send GPS information. Converting integers to string is like converting rocks to silly string, I like silly string, possibly losing focus...Cramming doesn't help. It just doesn't. It only removes a small amount of guilt, but does nothing else to help aid in performing tasks. Computers can;t cram, everything is taken in at the pace it can handle. Why am I mentioning this...
    FRICoding, coding, coding, today I thought I would do some coding. Yes! Finally got Lat and Longitude floating points to go between radio modules, and was able to performa basic arithmetic functions after they were received!!! I am certainly making progress, I might actually finish in time to complete my entry!

  • Daily Project Logs for week 9 Sept 5 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:12 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 9
    MONLabor Day
    TUEGoals this week: Finish assembly of new parts, finish programming of new modules, field test parent/child unit. Create Scenario list, as many as possible, for video narration. Disclaim that can't prepare for everything.
    WEDI thought I would mix things up today and program. As useless as this might seem as a project log, it isn't. Humor helps me refocus, and recharge motivation. Today I am working on the basic functions and taking a break from GPS parsing over RF.
    THUResolder things to try yet another board if I can't get the Adafruit Feather to work the way I want.
    FRII'm still not far enough fast enough. I had to take a step back today, and change tactics. Instead of small and functional, I'm going to focus on functional, and worry about making in smaller later. A project log would not be complete without documenting success. Success! I finally understood the string to float conversion example today, and was able to impliment it in my code. Next step, RF data transmission!

  • Daily Project Logs for week 8 Aug 29 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:11 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 8
    MONOver the weekend, I thought about the emotional component to this project. Emotions accompanying this project have been running high for me, so I think it's worth mentioning in a project log. In order to design a device that can help stop someone from being kidnapped, I have had to predict all the different ways a kidnapper would try to take someone's child. I have also had to imagine how I would react to that situation, both heroically, and panic stricken. Trying to imagine the what if, allows me to design a better device, but does take it's toll on me. It is hard to hold back tears of sadness at times. Nothing is better than paying attention to your kids, but maybe this will help when unavoidable distractions happen.
    TUEGoing my dad's house for a night of programming! I soldered the radio wires today during lunch. Made the first silicone housing. It was okay, I ultimately ended up taping the whole thing together with electrical tape, sorry Macgyver.
    WEDGot some good ideas last night on how to work out the comm issues I am having. Goving over the project with my dad was helpful.
    THULearning more about serial communications, ordered new parts yesterday, hopefully that will make programming this a little easier.
    FRIToday my goal is to make progress.

  • Daily Project Logs for week 7 Aug 22 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:10 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 7
    MON"ah!" Did Homer scream, only 5 weeks left. Worked on more detailed dedfinitions for functions list for both parent and child.
    TUEOrdered SIM808 module a couple weeks agao, it arrived today. Tried to get that working, thought it would be easier to learn faster, maybe not.
    WEDerrors, and errors, and errors today, oh my!
    THUKeep going! Worked on defining specifics of each function in sketch.
    FRIChanged fake project name to real one.
    SATI spent some time to think about how to go about making a video. I came with some ideas. When I look back on this project log, I will not find it very useful.

  • Daily Project Logs for week 6 Aug 15 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:10 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 6
    MONStill stuck on getting both modules to talk to each other. This is almost as difficult as two humans talking to each other.
    TUEReviewed log from yesterday. Same problem.
    WEDI can do this!
    THUMore troubleshooting today. This time with Serial communication, yay progress! I have noticed that the length of my project logs is directly proportional to my progress, crazy coincidence, crazy...i'm not going crazy...shhhhh...
    FRIUpdated Schedule. Roadtrip coming up, good chance to relax and let brain recover.

  • Daily Project Logs for week 5 Aug 8 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:09 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 5
    MONMore GPS fun. Decided on new name over the weekend. SOS Kids, or SOS for Kids.
    TUEStill on GPS. Decided to go with 433mhz RF instead of bluetooth. Longer range is better for this application. One of the things I have a difficult time with is explaining how something is supposed to work to other people. For that reason I created a, "Description of Behavior" section for my documentation. I will revise it regularly. Writing things down seems to help me organize my thoughts.
    WEDWorked out a more defined function list. Yesterday I 3D printed a new case for everything. It was easy, and a good waste of time. I say good because I find it helpful when I am stuck on something to take a break and do something I know how to do. This seems to help renew my confidence, and motivation.
    THUSill learning GPS stuff.
    FRITook a stop back today from GPS. Simplified things in my arduino sketch. Now I am making some progress switching between GPS and other Serial communication. Simple is always better, it's always hard to keep organzied so things stay simple.

  • Daily Project Logs for week 4 Aug 1 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:07 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 4
    MONWorked on calculating distance between gps modules. Used excel to organize formula, and see how many variables I will need, 9 I think.
    TUEStarted work on app UI concept, focus is still on stand a lone devices, but may have enough time to do app. worked on getting distance between dParent and Child devices using GPS. Brain stopped working, took a step back and reviewed feature list. Reorganized some things. Verified there is no hyphen in "reorganize".
    WEDAdded more to roadmap and feature set. Brain working better today. Continuing distance calculation and sending data between devices.
    THUMore fun wih gps coordinates! :)
    FRIMore fun wih gps coordinates! :) Wait that was yesterday...nope I'm still working on it. Newbie 1, reporting for duty!

  • Daily Project Logs for week 3 July 25 2016

    Steven10/03/2016 at 15:04 0 comments

    DAYProject Logs Week 3
    MONTried to get RSSI Data, decided other methods are better.
    TUEGPS module arrived! Tried to get RSSI data from ble module.
    WEDSolder connection broke. Resolderd. Unsolderd all other connections then resoldered. Burnt small area on finger.
    THUStarted getting data from GPS module. Researching what to do with data when received. Decided to try to use bluetooth somehow. Brainstorming: social 'Amber Alert' ping system, extend ble range by resonance (similar to wifi power transfer), long range ble scanner issued to law enforcment, way to tell if gps is receiving a signal (sanning for "dead space" with other device-what signals are being absorbed etc), ultrasonic ping,
    FRIDecided to use "Amber Alert" for notification. Will send predetermined text to look for child. User enters description of child.
    SATTook break to help drive moving van from San Antonio, TX to Reno, NV. Took 40 hours with sleeping here and there. Great trip for brain storming about the project with my dad.
    SUNTook break to help drive moving van from San Antonio, TX to Reno, NV. Took 40 hours with sleeping here and there. Great trip for brain storming about the project with my dad.

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Steven wrote 10/03/2016 at 13:24 point

Thanks for the tips, I will check those out! I like the Internet of Trash, too!

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mikrotron wrote 10/03/2016 at 13:09 point

To make it more wearable:

- check out adafruit feather, you can exchange arduino+radio with one feather

- see sim808, you get gps and gsm i one module

Keep up the good work!

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