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A project log for CNC Laser PCB Maker

X carve Inspired Laser CNC machine which can help Develop quality PCB at home without using expensive photography films and dusty milling.

manjuprasadmbasangimanjuprasadmbasangi 09/18/2016 at 16:100 Comments

The 4040 aluminium has 12mm slot , so it is useless because the slider wheel for the such width is not available. I will try to use it for CNC mill and Develop a new wheel on lathe when i have time
I bought an 3D printer slider wheel and checked that the wheel fits well in the 6mm slot of 2040 extrusion .

Created an Aluminium plate for the carriage by using vernier and Drawing board and Drafter ( Didn't had time to search and download the CAD software). This Plate was manufactured by manual method without CNC or Laser Cutter ). Still the quality and accuracy is pretty GOOD.
Later the CAD work will be done by my Mechanical engineer friend .