A project log for ESP32 KiCAD Library

KiCAD component and footprint libary for ESP32 ,ESP32-WROOM, and ESP3212 modules

AVRAVR 09/07/2016 at 22:000 Comments

Hey so, I made a mistake with the footprint for the ESP3212 module, it is actually more correctly a footprint for Espressif's official ESP32-WROOM module. Currently I cannot find the correct dimensions for the actual ESP3212 module, I'm currently awaiting an email from Seeedstudio whom I hope will divulge the specs. That being said you can still use the lib for the IC and for the WROOM module, it is being updated with the correct labeling. When I get all the specs for the right module I'll push another commit to the library. Thanks to the user for pointing out the mistake and bringing it to my attention!!!!