Library updates: ESP-32S

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KiCAD component and footprint libary for ESP32 ,ESP32-WROOM, and ESP3212 modules

AVRAVR 10/30/2016 at 00:300 Comments

So it appears that the ESP3212 has been canceled and replaced with the ESP-32S module. From what I've been hearing in the community no one has even received an ESP3212 module but have instead received ESP-32S modules. All the online stores originally selling ESP3212 modules all have their listings changed to ESP-32S modules. As for the ESP-32S module its appears to be a custom respin by AI-Thinker of the ESP32-WROOM module from Espressif. It has the same formfactor and pinout looking at dimensions displayed on store listings.
So with these changes I added a new footprint and symbol for the ESP-32S based on the information I found on it. The ESP3212 footprint is still in the library just in case someone was lucky to get one.

If you end up using this library at all for any projects please post a comment on this page, I love to hear about what your making and I'd like to feature on this project page! Stay tuned for more in the future.