Eventually, programmer is embedded, no need Atmel ICE anymore!

A project log for ATMega4809 developing board project

Very new chip by Microchip(Atmel) ATmega4809 has a very unique CPLD like logic and also promised to be applied to next Arduino, why not try!

kodera2tkodera2t 05/12/2018 at 13:030 Comments

Eventually, my board becomes a "independent board".

It consists of

Not always FT2232D-Atmega88PA connection is not necessary, and its connection can be selected ATmega88PA or UART1 of Atmega4809. The other UART of FT2232D is always connected to UART0 of Atmega4809.

By the proper jumper setting, one of UART of FT2232D is connected to Atmega88PA and direct binary upload is enabled by avrdude as follows:

This implementation of jtagupdi is made by ElTangas, the same author as STK500 UPDI interface implementation. By the sake of this great implementation, now it's very close to be "Arduino-like" board. Currently binary is made by Atmel ICE and .hex file is uploaded by avrdude. The modified avrdude.conf is also included in the ElTangas's GitHub.