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3D color printer from household scraps

JLAMJLAM 12/29/2014 at 22:070 Comments

I had some trouble finding an easy to use full colour to create the images to print, so I hacked up a workflow. It is a bit cumbersome but I aim to tidy it up as a Blender plugin. Here it goes:

Step 1:

Create/import a 3D colour model in Blender. It must use UV mapping with a texture and consists of a single mesh.

Step 2:

Bake the UV map to vector colour. The plugin is currently disabled by default (so will need to be enabled). It might help to also sub-divide the mesh before, for higher resolution.

Step 3:

Create a thin box that cover the XY area of the model and ~0.01 in the Z axis.

Step 4:

Add a Boolean Intersection modifier to the box with the model as the object to intersect.

Step 5:

With the box selected run in the python console:

for i in range(1,numSlices):bpy.ops.export_mesh.ply(filepath="OUTPUT_FOLDER/%06d.ply"%i);bpy.ops.transform.translate(value=(0,0,zShiftPerSlice));
There are a few variables in there that are just replaced with constants.

This should create a large number of *.ply files in the selected directory. And if all imported to mesh lab should look like:

Step 6:

Using libply and openCV convert the *.ply to images to print.

I will upload the code to github at some stage once I take out he hacks and name everything in a sensible manner.

The resulting generated files are printed to a standard printer that this build currently emulates.