Initial Temperature Testing

A project log for Solid-state garduino with RTC & LCD!

Garduino Enclosure with Solid State Controlled Relays, Real Time Clock, and status LCD.

vwphanvwphan 02/20/2014 at 00:160 Comments

Coding is my weak point.  As such, when I approach projects as such​, I start with the BARE MINIMUM necessary to get the thing to show functionality as quickly as possible.

For initial testing, I am simply running the light in the growing enclosure, and measuring the temperature over time.  The program that I wrote spits back over serial, comma separated strings of the temperature readings.

To log the data, I'm using the logging feature of putty, saving the entire session to  a .CSV file, while putty simply listens to the arduino at 9600 baud.  If you have a computer available, this is about the easiest way to store output from your Arduino.