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A robot vacuum cleaner that ex-ter-mi-nates dust.

witchdocwitchdoc 07/25/2014 at 20:032 Comments

As promised i uploaded the pictures that were used in the video. These pictures show the current prototype platform and a mockup screen layout for control of the robot.

The protype platform is build from Lego. It's a small six wheeled platform with four dc motors. Two motors on each side, all six wheels are driven. Some loose wires are visible on top of the platform, these connect to the motor inputs, these wires are wedged between the motor connectors and another lego brick. This way i din't need to break or alter any Lego parts. The motors will be controlled by one TLE 4202B motorcontroller per two motors. I chose these because i have a bunch of them from Pollin for just 50 eurocents each.

The other picture is a mockup of the screen layout for controlling the robot. Main feature in this layout is the use of a hexagonal grid. Hexagonal grids are often used in games and i believe they have some advantages over regular cubic grids. A lot of info about this can be found on Amit Patels website.


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