Rovio 2.0 Riser/Spacer Progress test platform

A project log for IR/UV Invisible QR Code Navigation for Robotics

Anti-Stokes shift / Up Conversion invisible QR codes for indoor navigation of robotics. Invisible tags readable with UV or IR lighting.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 10/09/2018 at 13:380 Comments

After two coats of Tite Bond glue which is also generally known as PVA plastic, you can see the wood has absorbed the PVA and also left a candy shell, with a light sand this is a paintable plastic finish. Next I need to decide where I want sensors or lights for example, or if I want to just leave is plain.

For some reason this last picture the whole body looks crooked but I believe that is because I free handed the trimming of the inside of the riser, and that makes it look weird, but the outside is within about 1 mm of the casing of the body all the way around.