Indoor DAYLIGHT testing QR code

A project log for IR/UV Invisible QR Code Navigation for Robotics

Anti-Stokes shift / Up Conversion invisible QR codes for indoor navigation of robotics. Invisible tags readable with UV or IR lighting.

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 10/25/2018 at 14:530 Comments

Today I am home mid day when it is very bright in my home. The great room has 17 windows and floods with natural light. I used the 3 watt led and the focal lense to create a consistent dot on the ceiling. SUCCESS , the QR code illuminated with great intensity and is easily read by the cam. Agian the naked eye intensity is a soft purple glow , but through the reading cam it looks perfect. So this is perfect for indoor office setups as well. Even in the event there are a great deal of fluorescent lights, a filter could easily cut their light, but in this case we are golden! Yay Version 2 QR sensor setup. I made a short video as well in the excitement.