Camera autocenter for multiple facial recognition

Multiple facial tracking and centering with opencv and can track up to N faces,find appropriate midpoint with use of servos to autocenter.

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Opencv takes continuous frames,scales them down for faster image processing.The faces in each frame are ellipses drawn and the ellipse center points calculated.

For 0 faces ,the destination should be the image center pixel having values(x,y) so no movement happens.For 1 face opencv determines the destination as the ellipse center for the face.For two faces,it determines the midpoint of the two ellipses and for 3 or greater faces it determines the centroid of the total ellipse centers.

The coordinates are sent to an arduino via serial and the movement in the two axis for the servos are done by using the generalised bresenham line algorithm.

The project is still midway.been on it for a week.Maybe this can be used with skype for linux?Just thinking :)

  • 2 × servo
  • 1 × pan-tilt bracket can be 3D printed if need be.
  • 1 × Arduino uno
  • 1 × linux computer I use ubuntu 12.04
  • 1 × opencv

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Alois Mbutura wrote 07/22/2014 at 08:51 point
Thanks for the question,Well the thing is that you would have to train opencv to know what to long as you can give it data to train itself on but the training could take long i have read since it involves neural nets.

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Greg Nuspel wrote 07/08/2014 at 11:48 point
Would it be difficult to set this up so you could track an object you select. I need something that will keep a camera aimed at an object as it slowly moves.

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