Pick & Place Adapter for 3D Printers

Universal SMD feeder + vacuum head to instantly convert an existing 3D printer into a fully automated Pick and Place machine.

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An adapter to transform existing 3D printers (FDM) into automated Pick and Place machines able to assemble a full PCB or a whole panel without manual intervention.

The adapter consists of an unconventional SMD feeder and a small vacuum head. The same feeder can handle all types of SMD parts, and it is placed near the existing printer. The vacuum head is attached to the existing extruder of the 3D printer, by simply using a clamp.

- The same feeder will handle all the required SMDs, regardless of their type
- Continuous feeding for identical or panelized boards, no feeder setup required in between
- Easy to attach/detach the whole adapter (in a minute or so).
- No modding or dismantle required for the existing 3D printer.
- Fully automated PCB assembly
- Should work with almost any 3D printer
- Much smaller footprint than an industrial machine
- Cheap
- Free and open source

- Much slower than industrial grade Pick and Place machines

  • [Fail #1] ​I suck big :o)

    RoGeorge04/18/2018 at 08:30 0 comments

    [Fail #1] I suck big, literally!

    While testing how reliable will be a vacuum needle pick, it proved out that an aquarium pump is not strong enough.

    So I used my mouth, and yes, the vacuum needle idea works great, it just needs a stronger pump.

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