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A project log for Light Staff

RGB LED Staff, Massive light output. Portable Rave

riskncrisknc 05/22/2014 at 22:060 Comments

The project is coming along, Took the first staff to Makerfaire in the Bay Area last week and had a blast walking around in the dark room before the arc attack shows! 

(Metal and mpinner walking around with the staff)

(Anouk sets the stage at the arc attack tesla coil show (very cool!))

Even beat the high extreme high five machine with it! 

Next up:

I'm working on CAD of a much lower cost staff. So I can build a bunch of them and then have them wirelessly sync up and do the distributed show type thing at the burn this year

I finished modeling a couple of the electrical components and have started on the mechanical ones. 

Model for Arduino Pro Micro (sparkfun flavor)

Parametric Model for 2812 Strips

Current Look at the assembly of the cheapo staff (longgg way to go)