Cheap wire?

A project log for Stupidly Cheap Electronic Piano

I will try to make an electronic piano that looks good, for the lower possible price.

ftreganftregan 06/06/2014 at 09:330 Comments

I need some wire.

The TQFP package for the mCU has 0.30 to 0.45 wide pins, with a 0.8mm pitch. Awg30 wire seems ok and is standard so should be cheap. Rigid wire would be better so I can bend it.

"wrapping wire" can be bought on aliexpress for $9 for 300 meter (edit : found it for 5€ shipped). That's dead cheap but buying 300 meter for my cheap project is cheating. People sell it on ebay at about 1.50€ for 5 meters. But for some design reasons, it would be cool to have both black and white wires. I don't want to pay more for the wire than I will spend for the mcu and the piezo!

I have some alternative solutions:

-Find something that looks good and is sold by the meter in a local store (cat 5 or telecom cable seldom have full black and full white wires)

-Use only white wire

-Use enameled copper wire (I could not find cheap 0.3mm one, but I can use several strand of 0.1mm wire, spools founds for $1)

-Jumper wire sometimes can be bought for cheap on auction. They are only 50mm long, but I can solder them

-Ask some ebay seller to send me 2x2m of wire instead of 5m one color for the same price

I did not calculate how much wire I needed yet. let's estimate 12x80mm for the keys... 1 meter each color is enough.

After I searched for one hour, the best search on ebay seems to be UL1007. You will find imitations of Kynar UL1007 wire. Unfortunately, it is a flexible wire, but that seems to be the best option if I want to stay cheap. Searching "single core" lead to a wire which would be perfect for me. 300 of it is cheaper than 300m of UL1007, but nobody seems to sell it in 5 or 10 meters legnth. I searched of UL1422, UL1423, and "airline awg", but only found 305m rolls.

I don't know what to do: buy two spools of single core wire for 9€ both seems great, I will have 600m wire for cheap, but that would not match the project's goal.