C64 style shell for UNIX

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lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 03/26/2021 at 00:160 Comments

Since using screen, the lion kingdom has flashed back to a time when cursoring to any part of the screen was the accepted way to repeat a command or copy a line of code in BASIC. When users could no longer cursor around the screen in DOS, lions found it crippling. UNIX brought back at least a command history in the 90's, but it still wasn't the same. Screen brought back most of the functionality of the original Commodore 64, allowing cursoring anywhere in the screen. Helas, it still requires copying & pasting to repeat a command. True C64 emulation would repeat a line of text just by hitting enter on it & show the output below the current cursor position.

There is still somewhat of a desire to make an enhanced C64 shell, postfixing the UNIX prompt with "Ready.", executing commands by cursoring up & hitting enter, showing output wherever the cursor was, definitely using the original C64 font, maybe even wasting screen space on a border. It would default to 25 lines instead of 24, of course.  The optimum width for lions is 135 characters, though.