Replace ADB commands with list, get, put

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lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/14/2023 at 22:080 Comments

Lions wrote push a long time ago & it works bloody well at moving files to a phone.

Recently, there's a new desire to list directories & get files from a phone.  list & pull would be desirable entries.  To this day, list is not a standard Linux command despite ls existing for decades.  Maybe in honor of commodore heritage, it should be


A lot of commands could use a lowercase uppercase abbreviation in honor of commodore heritage.  push came from ADB lingo, but the original FTP commands were ls, get, put which in C64 lingo would be

lI, gE, pU

 To this day, list, get, put are not standard Linux commands.  Pull & Push couldn't be shortened into commodore shortcuts, but get & put could be.

Lions wrote webphone a long time ago, but wifi is too slow to transfer large files.

list, get, put, & a text file viewer might be better off consolidated in an interactive file browser that communicates over ADB.  There is an Android commander for windows.


A big piece of the puzzle is tab completion for an ADB wrapper.  It would have to run ls on the phone. 

As described in

You have to run the complete, compgen commands in the .bashrc to create completion commands.