Edit a text file on a phone in a browser

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lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 02/13/2024 at 20:110 Comments

There is a desire to edit config files & notes on a phone without shuffling files around, typing on the phone screen, or using busybox on ADB.

Webphone needs an editor which shows the file contents in a text box, has a save button, revert button.  Browser text editing is horrendous but better than nothing.  It would be the absolute minimum way of changing a text file.

After some heroic HTML POST handling, it was done.  Need undo or revert?  Just hit the back button.

There is 1 kaboom case.  If a text editor on the phone changes it & the user resends the POST in the browser, it'll overwrite the phone changes.    The post could contain an md5sum of the previous save & it could reject the post if the md5 doesn't match what's on the phone. 


This became kind of a pain after a while.  It needs to retain the size of the text box in a cookie.