Intelligent Breadboard

The Intelligent Breadboard speeds up prototype development

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Develop your prototype faster on an instrumented breadboard.

The breadboard is connected via port expanders to a Raspberry Pi.

Software on the Pi allows you to check signal levels on the breadboard and apply test stimuli.

The static mode lets you check you've made the connections that you intended to.

The dynamic mode lets you verify that the circuit is operating as expected.

I plan to develop this project iteratively and incrementally. I shall be using the Intelligent Breadboard on a couple of real projects of mine from the start.

I will publish enough information at each stage that you can build your own clone. If you build one, your feedback will be very valuable and much appreciated.

  • 1 × Breadboard 400 Point breadboard
  • 1 × Set of jumper wires
  • 1 × Quick2Wire MCP23017 Port expander
  • 1 × Quick2Wire Interface Board
  • 1 × Connector Cable

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  • Proof of concept

    romilly.cocking06/08/2014 at 16:12 0 comments

    The final product will be based around a custom PCB, but I want to create something quickly that I can use on current projects.

    To start with, I'm going to use components I have to hand: a standard 400 point breadboard,and Raspberry Pi based port extenders which give me 16 I/O ports each.

    I'll add a photo as soon as I have a rig set up.

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mosaicmerc wrote 06/08/2014 at 13:45 point
Hey, I like the idea.
I will be submitting a related project soon!
have a look!

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